I was in my barn a few months past and invented something so simple I couldn’t believe it hadn’t ever been done, then I realized that unless you were a jean maker, farmer, father and tractor / sewing machine restorer then you probably would have never thought of it.

I was sewing traditional square bandanas and thought to myself that if I folded it over into a triangle and overlocked the open seams, then sewed a keyhole (button hole) on one of the bottom corners and also on the top point section and lastly after taking my head measurement I placed a button on the opposite bottom corner and voila, The Button Bandana was born! Needless to say that this custom sized approach to making such a versatile accessory has been very gratifying and I immediately filed for a patent of which has been filed with the USPTO as a “Triangular Button Bandana”. It’s been great making them for all tradesmen, craftsmen, ladies, dogs, horses and cats!