100% Cotton Mask Production

Thank you

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for reaching out to us regarding the sewn cloth mask and bandana effort. I think it goes without saying that it is because of the shortage, and in some cases complete depletion of N95 masks, that we are all in this position to find the closest alternative. The masks and bandanas that we are making are 100% cotton and are comprised of very tightly woven military specifications “rip-stop” army fabric.

The next best thing to a n95 mask according to the cdc is 100% cotton.

The information that I’ve read regarding the clinical trials of cloth vs. n95 masks, is that in a hospital environment, the cloth masks should be changed every two hours and sanitized appropriately. These masks are not N95 masks and in no way am I trying to mislead you to believe that they are. It is my hope that they can be used over the top of N95 masks in order to prolong the need to re-use them. It is my hope that in the case that the N95 masks are not available, that they will help curb exposure and that they will be handled and sanitized properly.

Please Note:

The elastic and the tie back materials are in extremely limited supply. The button bandana is a product I developed over 8 years ago and It provides significant face coverage and can be adjusted by 1” plus or minus and be worn over 8 different ways. The pattern has been graded and will fit over a N95 mask and also without a N95 mask. It is comprised of the same fabric as the masks.

I am not a doctor, I am not a medical professional. I am a concerned citizen whom specializes in producing the highest quality American made clothing. I am passionate about utilizing my resources to “try” to help our local and regional medical professionals and it’s citizens where possible.

Processing Orders

I will be streamlining all orders through a new website and it should be up and running by tomorrow. I will contact everyone and make the announcements via social media as to the website location. All orders and requests that we have received will be processed hopefully by the middle of next week for orders / requests that are made by Friday 3-27-2020.


Button bandana and cloth masks are not medical devices and are not life saving accessories. Button Bandana is a registered trademark and a division of Zace Brand. Both are DBA’s of Z Myers and Sons Co. A registered Ohio corporation. Z Myers and Sons Co will not be liable or held accountable for any misuse of its products.

Thank you,
Zach Myers

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Just to give you an idea of our process, your items get sewn 3-5 days after you place your order. From there your order will be shipped 8-12 days after your purchase. Backorder items will ship in approx 2-4 Weeks.

Thank you for your understanding and patience, as we are working as fast as possible to meet the demands.

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