Spectrum News Jan. 2020

Ohio's Own Zace Denim Made in the USA

Fredericktown, Ohio —Zach Myers grew up in Arizona, spent time in Los Angeles and was a farmer in Ohio, but for the past 16 years he’s mastered the craft of denim, currently living in the village of Fredericktown.

  • Zach Myers spent the past 16 years mastering the craft of denim and is the founder of Zace Brand, based in Fredericktown
  • Zace Brand is the only denim producer in Ohio and one of only a half-dozen left across the country
  • The company offers 56 denim products, all with American-made components.

“Looking back to some of the earliest days of my life, I remember being drawn towards the fabric of denim. And I have always felt like that was my calling, to make clothing. It felt like I could have an impact in people’s lives,” said Myers.

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