Spectrum News March 2020

Ohio Denim Maker Switches to Mask Production

FREDERICKTOWN, Ohio — We first introduced you to Zach Myers just two months ago. The Fredericktown man, and owner founder of Zace Brand is just one of a half dozen in the United States still producing denim.

But oh, how times have changed since then, not only for Myers, and small business owners alike, but all of us.

  • An Ohio man has shifted production of denim jeans to surgical masks to help protect those on the front lines of the coronavirus fight
  • He’s currently reaching out to medical professionals in Ohio to help fulfill demand
  • He’s s also taking orders from residents via his Facebook page

“People started to send me messages about mask shortages and things like that, and I kind of tried to dismiss it, you know, as much as I could consciously, and it just really just started to kinda of build up inside to the point to where I realized we needed to take action,” said Myers.

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